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Green Wave Smoothies’  Frozen Smoothie Pops are a nutritious, delicious and FUN  way for kids to “get their greens”.    Greens are a well known power house of nutrition but it’s not easy to get children to eat them.  Green Wave Pops blend (not juice) whole fruit and greens – no added sugar or preservatives, for a truly healthy treat.

While our smoothie pop is a fun shape, the ingredients are totally different from anything else like it in the freezer case.    Parents, grandparents, schools, athletic organizations, special needs children to name a few are all looking for something healthy that kids will eat  AND enjoy.    Green Wave is dedicated to offering alternatives to sugary treats along with nutrition education through marketing in an effort  to help combat the epidemic of childhood obesity.

 Green Wave Smoothie Pops ARE:

  • The first popsicles to incorporate nutrient-dense, dark-green leafy vegetables
  • Naturally sweet, made with NO ADDED SUGAR, providing a low-calorie alternative to sugary frozen treats
  • Blending retains the full benefit of the dietary fiber in the fruits and vegetables and also improves absorption of key nutrients from the first bite
  • Dairy, soy and gluten free food
  • A great option for athletes, providing energy (from the fruit and greens) and powerful hydration (from coconut water)
  • A completely natural vegan treat, containing absolutely no artificial ingredients, additives or colorings 

Green Wave Smoothie Pops two flavors are KaleliciousTM and Greena ColadaTM.  Both flavors are naturally low in calories but more importantly they are nutrient-dense calories, not the empty calories of processed snacks.

On the Shelf: 

  • Our pops are sold in a box of four, 3-oz pops for a total of 12 oz per box
  • Our four color box design allows for vertical or horizontal display
  • Point of purchase materials available

Catch the Green Wave and be part of our commitment to helping parents and kids make healthy choices to enjoy an active, fun-filled life. 

To download our Green Wave Smoothie Pops Sale Sheet  click here